Ilorin Cultists Clashes, Signal of Ethical and Faith Decadence


Ilorin, a metropolis with greater than 200years of existence is an instance of a Proverbial Backyard with Productive timber with inexperienced leaves. Each fruits multiply and replenish the fertile land. Folks from neighborhood, gate-crash and luxuriate in merriment from an hour rest, or maybe have an hour Nap within the Backyard. This continues not till there was a storm that eroded on a regular basis ever loved services within the Backyard.  That is the similtude of what occurs to this darling metropolis of mine, Ilorin. Alien erosion sweeps away ethical and faith from its layer. How do I imply?

Nevertheless, the problem of Cultists clashes within the metropolis of Ilorin perturbs brains and torments feelings. One would cease and ask, what has gone fallacious. From the pasts, what I’ve been fed about each time there was any clashes are at all times not indeges of the city. College students from different neighbouring cities and states had been at all times the culprits. Not till latest, Daughters and Sons of Imams, Mallams and excessive respected state males additionally get their fingers burnt within the scenes. This results in the one dangling Query: what has gone fallacious?

Interesringly, one would need to reckon with Ilorin in time period of Darling cultures it’s blessed with and hospitable folks it harbors. One many events, folks from one other city can be extra comfy to be addressed as Ilorites. Does it nonetheless retain these glories? Is it not residing on the previous Glories? 

Nevertheless, do not be shocked if I write on this airplane or temper. I’m emotionally bittered and mentally disturbed to fathom how did we get right here. The town with darling cultures are second to none and the hospitable folks it harbors at the moment are painted with Bloods. Even the 5years outdated boy or lady feels the scenerio when the “counts” begins. They’ve maimed and massacred many within the full glare of the day in my entrance. I’m a born and bred of this metropolis. Are you so shocked. Do not be.

Not fairly lengthy, I used to be invited to a Naming ceremony for lecture and the corridor was stuffed to its brim. The seven-minutes lecture requested why do each Ilorin household homes homes atleast, one cult member. Why are we experiencing ethical and Non secular decadence? What do youths acquire from these? Options comes from replies to  these aformentioned Questions. 

Who will we meet for clever replies?

….it continues from right here