Aug. 1, 2022 – The Mercury Information

Aug. 1, 2022 – The Mercury News


“I hand over,” Cy the Cynic informed me. “I capitulate.”

“Minnie received you once more?”

Minnie Bottoms, my membership’s senior member, wears previous bifocals that make her combine up kings and jacks, usually to her opponents’ dismay. Cy has been Minnie’s chief sufferer.

Cy performed at right now’s 3NT, and West led a spade. When dummy performed low, Minnie, East, contributed the jack! The Cynic took his queen and led a membership, however Minnie gained and led the king of spades. She gained the following membership and led her final spade, and West ran the spades. Down one.


“She thought her jack of spades was the king,” I smiled.

“No method,” Cy stated. “She’s an skilled disguised as a bit of previous girl. The girl has my quantity.”

“You’ve received your individual quantity,” growled Wendy, Cy’s adversary.

Minnie’s play was appropriate; on the bidding, West might don’t have any factors. As for Cy, he makes 3NT by placing up dummy’s ace on the primary spade or by letting Minnie’s jack win. Both play would earn an exclamation mark from me.


You maintain: S Okay J 3 H 10 9 6 5 D Q 10 7 4 C A Okay. You open one diamond, and your associate bids one spade. What do you say?

ANSWER: Knowledgeable opinion is perhaps cut up down the center. A bid of 1NT, promising a balanced, minimal opening bid, can be fairly acceptable. I’d attempt two spades. I’ve discovered elevating a major-suit response with good three-card assist in a suit-oriented hand to be a successful tactic. Auctions are simpler when a trump go well with is recommended promptly.

South vendor

N-S susceptible


S A 9

H Q J 2

D J 8 2

C Q J 10 9 2


S 10 8 7 6 5

H 8 4 3

D 9 6

C 8 5 3


S Okay J 3

H 10 9 6 5

D Q 10 7 4

C A Okay


S Q 4 2

H A Okay 7

D A Okay 5 3

C 7 6 4

South West North East
1NT Cross 3NT All Cross
Opening lead — S 6

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