Prey’S Heroine Naru Is The Complete Opposite Of A Mary Sue In Every Way

Naru is the heroine of prey, and in every way she is the complete opposite of a Mary sue. For starters, Naru is an orphan who was raised by her grandfather in the Japanese countryside. As such, she is completely unfamiliar with the ways of the world and often makes mistakes.

This was evident when she first arrived in Tokyo, where she accidentally insulted a powerful politician. But rather than being a perfect paragon of virtue, Naru is a flawed and human character. She constantly doubts herself and her ability to do anything right.

This insecurity leads her to make some poor decisions, but it also makes her more relatable and sympathetic. Naru is also far from perfect physically. She’s short, skinny, and not particularly strong or fast.

In fact, she’s often quite clumsy.

Prey’s heroine Naru is the complete opposite of a Mary Sue in every way. She isn’t perfect, she doesn’t have all the answers, and she definitely makes mistakes. But that’s what makes her such a great protagonist.

She feels real and relatable, and we can’t help but root for her as she tries to save the day.

Prey’S Heroine Naru Is The Complete Opposite Of A Mary Sue In Every Way


Who is Naru

Naru is a Japanese given name for girls, although it can also be used as a surname. It can be written in many different ways, such as 奈留, 成, 鳴, etc.

What Makes Naru Different from a Mary Sue

Naru is an original character created by the author, while a Mary Sue is typically a self-insert or wish fulfillment character. Naru was designed to be a strong and capable woman, while still being flawed and human. She’s not perfect, she makes mistakes, and she has to work hard to achieve her goals.

This makes her relatable and likable, whereas a Mary Sue would usually be someone who is too good to be true.

Why is Naru Such an Important Character in Prey

Naru is the protagonist of Prey and one of the most important characters in the game. She is a human who has been abducted by aliens and taken to their ship, the Talos I. Naru is the only person who can stop the aliens from taking over the Earth, and she must do so by destroying their ship. Naru is a brave and determined character, and she is also very smart.

She is able to use her intelligence to solve puzzles and figure out clues that others would not be able to. Naru is an essential character in Prey, and without her, the game would not be as good.


Naru, the heroine of Prey, is the complete opposite of a Mary Sue in every way. She’s an ordinary woman who’s been thrust into an extraordinary situation, and she has to use her wits and determination to survive. Naru isn’t perfect; she’s clumsy, impulsive, and prone to panic.

But she’s also brave, resourceful, and fiercely determined. And most importantly, she’s real.